Two headquarters and headquarters companies went head-to-head in the Fort Campbell Morale, Welfare and Recreation Battalion Soccer Post Championship tournament, Tuesday, at Fryar Stadium.

HHC, 526th Brigade Support Battalion, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division,  Performance, and HHC, 5th Special Forces Group, Legion, battled on the field for the win.

The 526th BSB team emerged victorious, 2-1.

“We came out high intensity, they figured out who our playmakers were so they adjusted how they defended and they stepped into our path,” said 1st Lt. Brandon Back, captain of HHC, 526th BSB, soccer team.

In the first few minutes of the first half of the game HHC, 526th BSB, scored two goals putting them in the lead early. They never lost the lead.

The two goals for HHC, 526th BSB, were made by Spc. Smays Jauregui  and Spc. Nikolai Powell.

“I saw an open shot and I took it,” Powell said about his goal.

Powell said he felt amazing making the goal that won his team the game.

Not long after the 526th BSB players kicked two goals, Legion’s Spc. Raphael Hillsman scored 5th Group’s only goal.

Hillsman played soccer in middle and high school, but has not played for several years.

“I just need a couple more games in me and I’ll be better,” he said.

Neither team has played together for very long this fall. HHC, 526th BSB, has played together for the past three weeks. HHC, 5th SFG, has only played as a team for the past four games.

“We are doing alright we have some stuff we need to work on, but all in all I’m not upset because we meet just a few months ago,” Back said.

Back said the HHC, 526th BSB, knows how to move the soccer ball and how to play defense they just need to work on putting the ball in the net.

Sergeant Thomas Eatherly, HHC, 5th SFG, and captain of the soccer team, said the team is slowly getting better. There are only four team members that have played soccer before the rest joined because it sounded fun, Eatherly said.

Eatherly said the team has been trying to find a goalie since the season started and hopes they find one soon. The team joined the battalion soccer championship so they could get out, run and have fun as a team.

“We just show up, we are not putting too much work into it. It is supposed to be fun,” Eatherly said.

Back said the team did well, Tuesday night, better than last week. He said he is pretty happy with the team overall.

“We played solid defense and we moved the ball around the field,” Back said. “We just have to shoot better, we had too many opportunities that we missed.”

Back said his team will work on putting the ball into the net before their next game.

Eatherly said his team needed to work on defense earlier in the game.

“We just started off too slow, but it was a good game and the team did well,” Eatherly said.

Hillsman said the team is doing better, they just have to take more shots.

The HHC, 526th BSB, has a ranking of third overall out of seven and HHC, 5th Group, has a ranking of fifth overall in the league.

The championship game for the Battalion Soccer Post Championship tournament is scheduled for Nov. 15 at Fryar Stadium. Teams in the final are yet to be determined.