Saturday: Fort Campbell - 19

     Fort Knox – 2

Tuesday: Fort Campbell – 3

    Christian County – 26

The Falcons will host University Heights Saturday at 10 a.m. then Dawson Springs at noon. They will travel to Paducah to play Community Christian at 5 p.m. May 10.


Monday: Fort Campbell – 0

               Dawson Springs – 15

Monday: Fort Campbell – 0

               Dawson Springs – 15

The Lady Falcons will travel to Lyon County for a 5:30 p.m. game Monday.  


Tuesday: Fort Campbell vs. Christian County High School


Killian Jakstis vs. Camilo Cuadros (CCHS) 1-8

Jeff Watson vs. KT Pollard (CCHS) 5-8

Dionte Berry vs. Tyquez Douglas (CCHS) 3-8

Takuma Pachnett vs. Matthew Floyd (CCHS) 8-5

Andrew Sincere vs. Kordell Cooper (CCHS) 8-1

Josh Barrington vs. Dylan Greenfield (CCHS) 4-8

Jack Powers vs. Joey Fiese (CCHS) 7-9


Dionte Berry/Takuma Pachnett vs. Pollard/Douglas (CCHS) 5-8

Andrew Sincere/Killian Jakstis vs. Greefield/Carson Brown (CCHS) 8-2

Jeff Watson/Josh Barrington vs. Cooper/Hawk McCord (CCHS) 8-2


Brittney Ketchum vs. Ella Brown (CCHS) 8-2

Esther Fritz vs. Lynn Elkins (CCHS) 8-6

Hallee Brugge vs. Tana Hight (CCHS) 1-8

Alyssa Seale vs. Alexis Hogan (CCHS) 8-3

Olivia  Sims vs. Jamie Keim (CCHS) 1-8


Esther Fritz/ Brittney Ketchum vs. Brow/Elkins (CCHS) 8-3

Hallee Bruggs/Alyssa Seale vs. Melonie Elkins/Paige Gilliam (CCHS) 3-8

The Falcons will compete in the Kentucky High School Athletic Association’s regionals tennis tournament Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in Henderson County.


Friday: Montgomery County Championship  

Girls – 4th overall, 70 points

100-Meter Dash: 2nd place Jahlyn Mincey – 12.89

400-Meter Dash: 2nd place Xzaria Duncan – 1:02.67

4x200-meter relay: 3rd place – 1:51.11

4x400-meter relay: 3rd place – 4:36.44

4x800-Meter Relay 3rd place –  11:39.06

Girls triple jump: 4th place – 28-9

Pole Vault: 2nd place – Angel Manalang 7-6

Discus: 3rd place – Brianna Dugger 72-3; 5th place – Emma Syester 69-4

Shot Put: 3rd place Emma Syester – 28-10.5

Boys – 4th overall, 67 points

110-Meter Hurdles: 2nd place Damian Bowe – 15.8

300-Meter Hurdles: 3rd place Damian Bowe – 43.53

4x800-Meter Relay: 4th place – 9:25.2

High Jump: 1st place Austin Keeling – 6-4

Triple Jump: 2nd place Austin Keeling – 41-8.5

Pole Vault: 2nd place Jhony Paniagua – 9-6; 4th Rafael Cerritos – 9-0

The Falcons track team will host the Area 1 Championship at 5:30 p.m. Friday at Fryar Stadium.