The Fort Campbell Morale, Welfare and Recreation Battalion-Level Flag Football Tournament launched Monday night with an explosive match between 3rd Battalion, 320th Field Artillery Regiment, 101st Division Artillery Brigade, and the 63rd Chemical Company, 2nd Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Battalion, at Fryar Stadium.

The CBRN Dragon Masters started the game with control of the ball, but after just two downs the 320th FAR Red Knights intercepted at the 20-yard line and ran for their first touchdown of the night.

The Dragon Masters managed to maintain control the second time around, inching their way up the field to the opposing 15-yard line. But a pass interception by the Red Knights lost them control of the ball.

The Red Knights quickly ran the football up the field to the 10-yard line before the Dragon Masters could stop them. A quick sprint by the quarterback into the end zone for a second touchdown brought the score up to 12-0, with just 6 minutes left in the half.

The Dragon Masters blocked a two-point conversion and began another slow crawl back up the field.

The Dragon Masters finally broke away for a long pass down field, but Red Knights players snatched the touchdown out of the air by intercepting the ball in the end zone and running it 10-yards up field before the first half ended.

After halftime, the Dragon Masters came back with renewed determination, forcing the Red Knights to work for every yard. But an unexpected interception at the 20-yard line resulted in a Red Knight running in a touchdown with 11 minutes left on the game clock, bringing the score to 18-0.

Although they failed to get the conversion, the Red Knights managed to intercept the ball again to score another 6-points less than a minute later. Despite being down 24-0, the Dragon Masters did not give up. One player managed to slip between a pair of Red Knights defenders without losing his flags and took the ball into the end zone for the team’s only touchdown of the night. They also scored a three-point conversion, but a foul forced them to replay the attempt and failed.

“We took a tough loss tonight, but we’re ready to get back on the field and win the next one,” said Staff Sgt. Anthony Wimbley, 63rd co-coach. “It sucks being in the loser bracket but we’ve got to win from here on out.”

Wimbley said the only way CBRN can come back is if they come together as a team and play better.

“It’s the first game of the tournament and we’ve been practicing but we haven’t really practiced any plays,” he said.

CBRN played their second game of the tournament Wednesday night against 626th Brigade Support Battalion, after press time.

Staff Sergeant Armando Gloria, 320th FAR coach, was happy with the way his team performed.

“I think we did amazing,” Gloria said. “We just need to clean up a little more on our offense, but other than that we’re good.”

Although they won by a relatively large margin, Gloria said they try to never underestimate their opponents.

The 320th FAR lost their second game of the night against 86th Combat Support Hospital, 14-7, and will play again at 8 tonight against Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion, 101st Division Artillery Brigade.