Happy 73rd Birthday to the Skydragons of the XVIII Airborne Corps!

On this day in 1944, our Corps added its distinctive blue airborne tab at Osbourne, St. George, England, and Maj. Gen. Matthew B. Ridgway became the first commander of the XVIII Airborne Corps. A mere three months later, the Corps rushed into action for the first time to halt the German offensive in the Ardennes Forest.

Since its inception, the XVIII Airborne Corps has been our nation’s primary strategic response force. Skilled, tough, and ready around the clock, the troopers of the XVIII Airborne Corps have executed over a dozen major operations in both combat and humanitarian roles. Today, we continue to focus on readiness, tough and realistic training, and taking care of our troopers and Families.

As we look across the Corps, we are proud of the job each and every one of you are doing. Today, the Corps Headquarters and multiple units within the Corps are deployed in support of combat operations and training around the globe. Your continued professionalism, resilience and readiness in the defense of our nation honors the sacrifices of the troopers who have gone before us. Today, on our 73rd birthday, we stand ready to answer the call as America’s Contingency Corps.

Happy Birthday, XVIII Airborne Corps. All the Way.

Stephen J. Townsend

Lieutenant General, U.S. Army


Benjamin Jones

Command Sergeant Major, U.S. Army

Corps Command Sergeant Major