On Tuesday we will celebrate the 241st anniversary of Independence Day, a day that honors the Continental Congress’ adoption of the Declaration of Independence. Communities across the United States traditionally observe this important day with parades, gun salutes and fireworks.

But just as it was more than 200 years ago this observance is not so much about the victory at hand, but rather our faith in a brighter future. Today, we continue to fulfill the promises set forth by our founding fathers that all men and women enjoy the privilege of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

On the Fourth of July, when you hear the “Star Spangled Banner,” or see Old Glory waving in the breeze, or marvel at a beautiful display of fireworks, think of the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Think of their Families who proudly represent the legacy of our fallen heroes. Think of the civilians and community partners who continue to serve and support our Soldiers and their Families.

Instead of, or in addition to planning your own event, I invite you to join us here at Fort Campbell’s division parade field for our annual Independence Week carnival that is open daily through July 4. On the Fourth, in addition to the carnival, we will host a concert. The 101st Division Band will take the stage at 7 p.m. followed by RaeLynn, a former contestant on “The Voice” season two and Billboard country chart-topping singer-songwriter. The day will culminate with one of the largest fireworks displays in our area.  

Just one week ago, I took command of the Fort Campbell Garrison, and I am honored and humbled to serving with each of you.

Over the coming weeks I look forward to learning more about how the garrison operates and those who serve the Fort Campbell community. In the meantime, I hope to see you and your Family at our Fourth of July celebration this weekend.

I look forward to working with all of you, and with all of those in the surrounding communities and across two states, as we serve the Soldiers and Families of Fort Campbell. Together, we will continue to make Fort Campbell the best Soldier and Family experience while demonstrating that “We Are the Army’s Home – Serving the Rugged Professional.”

Enjoy a safe holiday weekend.