On Memorial Day we honor those brave men and women who have fallen in their service to our nation. This is a time of reflection for those who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect and defend our freedom. We must never forgt them or their Families.

Memorial Day weekend also marks the start of summer. Whether you plan to travel, engage in water activities, ride a motorcycle or celebrate in the warm weather, carefully consider the risks involved and remain vigilant against reckless behavior.

As you enjoy the summer with road trips, cookouts, fireworks and other recreational activities, remember that risk is always present, and that you are only one judgement error away from adversely changing your life, and potentially many others, forever.

Plan appropriately and incorporate risk management into all of your activites. Taking a simple moment to pause and evaluate the hazards that can prevent an accident and maintain individual and unit readiness.

I want leaders, at all levels, to talk to Solduers and civilians about recognizing and managing inherent risks of holiday travel, celebrations and recreational activities in the summer heat prior to Memorial Day weekend.

FORSCOM has experienced one on-duty accidental fatality in Fiscal Year 2017, but the negative effects of speed, fatigue, distracted driving, severe weather, alcohol and misconduct have combined to claim the lives of 23 Soldiers in off-duty accidents. These losses impact Families as well as unit readines to fight.

Summertime consistently bares our greatest risk for accidents. We expext all of you to reinforce the application of risk management into your off-duty activities, re-emphasize responsible conduct and empower good decision-making.

While you continue to increase your individual and unit readiness, take time to enjoy the summer activities safely. Thank you for what you do for the nation.

Freedom’s Guardian!

Scott C. Schroeder

FORSCOM Command Sergeant Major

Robert B. Abrams

FORSCOM Commanding General