In Joshua 6, God commands the Israelites to do something that seemed completely absurd.  

The entire community had camped on the outskirts of the walled fortress of Jericho. Joshua, the Israelite leader, had gathered his commanders and delivered the battle plan.  

For six days every fighting man available was to march one time around the walls of the city. On the seventh day, they were going to march around seven times. On that seventh time around, the priests were going to blow the ram’s horn, the people were going to shout and the walls were going to fall down flat.

It would be nearly impossible to come up with a more ridiculous plan.  

I can imagine hearing people muttering out loud, “You want us to do what?”  

I can think of so many better ways to make a wall come down – C4 and detonation cord, jackhammer, catapult, battering ram. The list could go on and on, but marching around for a week would not even make the list of “The top 10,000 ways to make walls fall.”  

And from a force protection standpoint, this plan has holes in it the size of the Millennium Falcon.  

Marching around the outside of the walls of a city deliberately exposes your forces to the enemy. With one heavy rock pitched over the wall, 10 to 20 people could meet an untimely death.

Day after day, more and more rocks pitched over the walls would mean more and more casualties. What crazy person came up with this plan?

God, the author of the plan, had a purpose behind sending his people to the walls of Jericho.

The current population of Israelites had not been present at pivotal points in their history. God wanted to remind this new generation of his power and of their complete dependence on him.  

This plan could have never worked without God and that’s exactly the point.

Just like the Israelites at the foot of the Jericho walls, God will call you to radically obey him in a plan that sounds crazy. It may be that God is attempting to remind you of his power and your complete dependence on him.  

My encouragement to you is to trust not in your own abilities to fulfill God’s plan, but instead trust in God who makes walls fall down flat using only the sound of boots, horns and shouting.