I would like to encourage you on the idea of receiving strength from above.  

The epic battle between David and Goliath gives us encouragement that we never need to give up or lose hope. We don’t have to rely on our own limited strength, when there is an unlimited strength available to us.

The Israelites, led by King Saul, faced a formidable foe. The Philistines were prepared for battle, not to mention they had a giant on their side. If there ever was a need for strength from above, the Israelites needed it in this situation.

Chapter 17 from the Old Testament book of First Samuel describes how David was the youngest of eight brothers, and was a shepherd who tended his father’s sheep. He is not the one you would think would be mentioned next in the story – not the likely warrior to defeat the giant.

Again the story doesn’t picture David as one who has the strength needed to be a part of this battle – maybe other battles, but not this one.

Chapter 17:23-24 reads, “While he was speaking with them, suddenly the champion named Goliath, the Philistine from Gath, came forward from the Philistine battle line and shouted his usual words, which David heard. When all the Israelite men saw Goliath, they retreated from him terrified.”

You’ll notice the story reads all the Israelite soldiers retreated and were terrified. But it does not mention that David was terrified did it?

After 40 days, the young, teenaged shepherd boy, David, is the only one who volunteered to fight Goliath. What was it that gave David this confidence, this strength of purpose?

The secret source of David’s strength is as he said: “the Lord who rescued me.” Not that God just helped him out, but that God brought David into this situation and circumstance and provided the strength to continue on and not give up.

What kind of courage could we display in the face of our struggles, or problems, or even danger, if we had the same source of strength that David had that day?  

It is not likely any of us will ever face a giant like David did. But many times we do face things in our lives that seem to be giants – maybe problems, maybe fears, maybe a circumstance that is tempting us to turn and run.  

But David did not run, and we do not have to run either.

Let me encourage you that we don’t have to fight alone. No matter what battles we are engaged in, God stands ready to give us strength – we just have to ask.