One of the realities of Army life is moving. Sometimes it is good, and sometimes, well it just happens. But every time my Family and I move, I face the same daunting challenge – hanging pictures. Having pictures hung on the walls really makes everything a little more cozy, a little more comfortable, and it makes each house more of a home.

The problem is in creating a good look, I lose any sense of good that may be in me. I hate hanging pictures. The process causes me deep anguish, frustration, emotional pain and self-doubt.

I want the pictures in my home, but it takes a lot of work to get it right. They are always off-center, not level, or not anchored into something solid. But when they are up, even if they are imperfect, I am glad I took the time and effort to hang them.

For me, relationships are a lot like hanging pictures sometimes. It is important to have healthy relationships in our lives. God created us as relational beings and we generally find a sense of purpose and comfort in good relationships.

Relationships can be tough to get right. It is as if the walls of our relationships are always shifting, the surroundings are always changing and, therefore, it takes an incredible amount of effort and the right set of tools to keep our relationships healthy. Even with the struggle, though, it is always worth it to have them.

Below are a few of tools I use to keep my relationships hanging right:

•Perspective. Step back and take an honest look at yourself, your actions, your reactions and your emotions.  

•Adjust. If you realize that you are a little bit off, make the needed adjustments. If you are not sure how to make the adjustments, find someone with a good eye and ask for help.  

•Expectations. Manage those expectations and know up front that no relationship is ever perfect, but that does not mean that it isn’t worth having.  

•Communication. Be willing to talk and be willing to listen.

•Faith. My faith in God has carried me through many a difficult time. But it is through faith that God has developed my perspective and has helped me to grow into a better husband, father, son and friend. So take the time to hang those pictures and work on those relationships. You won’t regret it.