I am the spender in my Family. My wife restrains my impulsive buying. She asks me, “Is this a ‘need’ or a ‘want’?” Usually it is a want, especially during the holiday season, I notice how easy it can be to can get swipe happy with the credit card. It is easy buying gifts for others or ourselves thinking that some new thing will make us happy. By the time the January credit card bill comes, that new “thing” has already lost some of its luster, and you see how much money you owe.  

King Solomon in the Bible had everything he ever wanted. He was the Bill Gates of his time financially, and the Tom Brady of his time in talent and accomplishments. People would come from all over the world just to see his stuff. Yet even he was not satisfied.

Near the end of his King Solomon said: “He who loves money will not be satisfied with money, nor he who loves wealth with his income; this also is vanity” (Ecclesiastes 5:10).

This is still true today.

Once Nelson Rockefeller, the heir to the Rockefeller fortune, was asked, “How much money is enough?” He paused and said, “Just a little bit more.”

We all want more. We all are on that constant pursuit of happiness. It is in our DNA.

Maybe we have bought into what our culture says is important – how we look, how we feel, what we have.

Maybe we buy things to hide from pain, or to avoid conflict, or to run from life’s responsibilities.

All the money in the world will not bring the fulfillment found in building good relationships, using our gifts to help others and loving God more than ourselves.  

In Matthew 6:20, Jesus said: “But store up your treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroy, where thieves cannot break in and steal.”

So this holiday season, take some time to think through what is really important in your life. Think through what you really need before shopping. Think through what would actually be best for your Family – time together on a vacation, something that will make memories, something that will last. I guarantee you it will not be the next version of PlayStation.