Psalm 147:10-11: “His pleasure is not in the strength of the horse, nor his delight in the legs of a man; the Lord delights in those who fear him, who put their hope in his unfailing love.”

Upon reading the first line of this psalm, an infantry man might say, “Ah-ha. See the Lord does not take pleasure in the strength of the Cavalry.”  

But upon reading the second line, a Cavalry Soldier might respond, “Ah, but look, the Lord does not delight in the light infantry as well.”  

Perhaps the armor officer might chime in, “The Lord must prefer the use of chariots.”

But they all would have missed the point. The point the psalmist is making is that man’s outward strength and appearance do not impress God.  

Think about that.  

What army could ever muster enough power to impress the one whom the scriptures often call “The Lord of Hosts?”

Rather, the Lord looks past the appearance to what lies within.

Perhaps, the Roman Coliseum is a fitting illustration. It was built entirely out of strong brick and mortar, but in order to make it look beautiful, the entire building was overlaid with a marble facade that sparkled in the sunlight. At the time the structure was the most magnificent structure to behold.

Yet years later the coliseum was raided and the marble was stripped away. Some may considered its grandeur to be gone. However, it still stands today, towering over the modern streets of Rome because what really mattered was the mason’s strong brick work underneath the marble facade.  

How often do we build a facade on our exteriors?  

We often seek to impress others with outward beauties, ingenuities, strengths, abilities and capabilities.

The Lord seeks to strip those away. What delights him is a humble heart that fears him and places all its hope and strength in his unfailing love.

At some point, our own strengths and self-made veneers will fail us, like the marble did at the coliseum. But the hope that is founded upon the unfailing love of God will never fail. It will endure the test of time, for his mercy endures forever.