The Army and Air Force Exchange Service’s Kentucky Express at 3000 Reed Ave. is now open 24 hours. 

The extended hours are a trial intended to gauge customer demand.

“We began the new hours [Jan. 2],” said Dane Wyatt, Kentucky Express manager. “It’s too soon to tell if we can justify [the extended hours], but we are having customers.”

David Swenson, AAFES general manager, said once the gas pumps are operational, it will be easier to get an accurate view of customer traffic.

“While there have been some construction delays with repairing the gas pumps, the store is open,” Swenson said. “Customers can take advantage of the extended hours today.” 

Swenson said the Kentucky Express’ extended hours fit in with the community’s needs. The Express is centrally located on post and is near the T.C. Freeman gate.

“The Fort Campbell Exchange is always open to feedback from the community,” Swenson said. “We [extended hours] for Kentucky Express customers because they requested it. When we can adjust to meet a need, we are happy to do it.”

The Exchange initially intended to test the new hours for 60 days, but the construction delays have made that timeline more flexible.

“If we see customers using the store more during the late hours, we will extend the trial period,” Swenson said. “It was open 24 hours many years ago, but we saw demand decline over time, so we shortened the hours.”

“Every time Soldiers, military Families and retirees shop at the Express, they make life better for their military community.” Swenson said. “In 2017, the shopping the Fort Campbell Exchange generated $2.5 million for quality-of-life programs.”

While only authorized shoppers can purchase alcohol and tobacco, anybody with access to the installation can purchase consumables like soft drinks and snacks from the Kentucky Express. The convenience store’s assortment reflects better-for-you options from the Exchange’s BE FIT program, including fresh fruit, yogurt, nuts and more.

If the customer demand does not warrant 24-hour service, the Kentucky Express will revert to the old business hours of 5 a.m.-11 p.m. Monday-Friday, 7 a.m.-11 p.m. Saturday-Sunday.